High-value Roll Up The Rim prizes are MIA in Newfoundland and Saskatchewan

This year, according to Tim Hortons official rules and regulations, there will be 282,694,360 Roll Up The Rim cups across Canada and the United States. The total grand prize value is $57,102,519 (CDN) or $59,360,883 (USD) and most of the prizes will be distributed in Ontario (48.78% of all cups).

While the majority of people who frequent Timmies will see a “please play again,” some lucky Canadian and Americans will see a free coffee, donut, or possibly the higher-end prizes like a $5,000 Visa Prepaid Cards or $100 Tim Card… or possibly the pot of gold Toyota Corolla. Many prizes have been claimed and the fine folks controlling the loot at Tim Hortons have updated the official stat counter.


While it’s different to what we are reporting — so far 4 cars have been claimed — Timmies is stating that one car in Ontario, a couple $5,000 Visa Prepaid cards (also in Ontario), and 267 $100 Tim Cards winnings spread across Canada.

The downer, if this map is correct, is that there is no love yet for those in Newfoundland or Saskatchewan as there has been no high value prizes claimed at all. Hopefully this changes.

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