Rimroller helps you Roll Up The Rim and saves you from looking like a beaver

Rarely does a product come along that is life changing.

We’ve all been there. It’s awkward. After drinking the hot beverage from the gods you see your friend attack the cup like a rabid beaver. Gnawing on the rim like it’s the last piece they need to protect their home for the frigid Canadian winter.

Review: Rimroller helps you Roll Up The Rim and saves you from looking like a beaver

The Rimroller was invented by Paul Kind in the late 2000’s and appeared on Dragons’ Den October 6th, 2008. The product, which is 100% Canadian, is not new, but timeless. While Kind’s Novel Solutions didn’t score a deal with the Dragons, he’s been plugging away and taking online sales and successfully selling them in notable locations such asLee Valley Tools and Princess Auto.

Kind states that he created Rimroller because he “struggled with those stubborn contest cups year after year.” The design is practical and it combines a couple of pieces of plastic with the inside housing a razor to cut the cup. The Rimroller can easily be attached to your keychain to help you gain quick access to find out if you’ve won or not.

I’m not sure all the engineering and mechanics that make the Rimroller accomplish its task, but it works. To use it, you use your thumb and index finger and simply slide the Rimroller down onto the Roll Up The Rim cup (or any other cup promo) until you can’t push it any further, then quickly pull it up and witness a miracle – the cut is makes is actually 2-inches high by 1.5-inches wide. The cup, without effort, becomes unrolled and shows your fate. Hands and teeth still intact. The whole Rimroller experience takes about 2-seconds and depending on how much Timmies you consume has the potential of saving you a few hours over your lifetime.

Kind notes that the best way to use the Rimroller is “on empty cups only – NEVER on a cup full of hot coffee or liquid.” As for price, it costs as much as a coffee and a donut at $2.49 each (CDN), or you can buy them in bulk of 5 for $10 at Lee Valley. For the fashionistas out there, Rimroller comes in “coffeebean brown,” orange, green, purple, blue, and yellow.

Saves time, potentially your life.The Rimroller is a legendary product that every loyal and addicted Timmies consumer should have. It's a perfect accessory and provides hours of entertainment at your local coffee shop.The Rimroller is a simple tool that helps you roll up the rim from any paper cup.
Ease of Use95

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