The Competition: KFC Canada introduces the Big BOSS, a ‘hand-breaded and freshly prepared’ double chicken sandwich

Tim Hortons recently came out with the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich and took direct aim at McDonald’s. However, “There’s a New BOSS In Town, Canada.”

Those are the choice words from KFC Canada as they’ve started selling the Big BOSS sandwich. This heaping of death consists of “two 100% white meat chicken fillets” that are “hand-breaded and freshly prepared.” KFC notes that they too offer up a special sauce, pickles, lettuce, cheese, onions and a sesame seed bun on their sandwich.

“No pre-formed patties at KFC,” says David Vivenes, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC Canada. “The Big BOSS gives KFC fans a fresh alternative to the iconic double burger. Now that there’s a #NewBOSSInTown, fans have more choice when it comes to double burger cravings,” he says.

This possibly could hinder Timmies plans at owning lunch as the double sandwich is the same price as their single Chicken sandwich, both at $4.99 plus tax ($5.64). Obviously, Tim Hortons won’t leave you hunched over and calling emergency.

Check out our review of the Tim Hortons Chicken Sandwich and its glorious soft bun here.

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