Montreal man decides to boycott Tim Hortons, claims he wasn’t served because he spoke English

Ron Yaz, a loyal Timmies customer, has decided to boycott the brand because of an altercation at a Laval, Quebec Tim Hortons. Yaz usual stop is this location and ordered some muffins and donuts, spoke English and the employee apparently refused to serve him.

Yaz stated in an interview with the CTV that “I asked the (server) for 12 doughnuts and six muffins and she looked at me like I was totally crazy… She walked to the back of the store, got someone who came up, said two words in English and then said ‘maudit anglais,’ which I didn’t appreciate very much.” FYI, ‘maudit anglais’ translated means “Damned English.” Over in Quebec people can use both English and French.

Yaz said an argument between two customers broke out and he was suddenly beaten with a stick. “He pulled something out of his pocket, picked it up. It was a nightstick. He went to hit me over the head with it, I put my arm up, blocked it, he hit me in the arm, took off.” The police were then called to investigate the situation.

However, according to Peter, the owner of the Tim Hortons, “It’s not true that we don’t serve Anglophones. He knows the girl. She doesn’t speak very well in English and instead of, you know, understanding the person, he was insulting and harassing the employee and she start to cry. He was making a noise inside the store and after, what happened outside, we don’t know about it.”

Peter also said that the security footage came up blank and showed no indication of harassment inside the store. Clearly a difference of opinion happening here.

Michelle Robichaud, spokesperson for Tim Hortons, stated “We are currently investigating this very serious matter. In Quebec, we endeavour to serve our guests in their preferred official language whenever possible as it is important to us to treat each of our guests with dignity and respect.”

Pictures of a “Boycott Tim Hortons” posters popped up on Twitter and Instagram.


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