Tim’s Times, the app that helps you avoid long line-ups at Tim Hortons, is now available on Android

The addiction to Tim Hortons is mind blowing. When you need your fix the worst thing to happen to you is to wait in line. It’s gruelling to come to a halt and patiently wait.

Last month a new crowd-sourced app by Saskatchewan-based Qjumprz Solutions called “Tim’s Times” saved us precious time. This joyful piece of code allowed enthusiasts like myself to quickly see the wait times of over 4,200 local Tim Hortons. As stated before, the app only comes alive when users give feedback. It’s well designed and shows either No wait, 3-minutes (cup in green), 5-10 minutes (cup in yellow), or 10+ minute wait times (cup in red).

Good news for Android users because the app has expanded past iOS to be available on Google Play for those running OS 3.0 or higher. The end goal is an easy one to support as they desire to “avoid frustratingly long line-ups.”

Download the Tim’s Times app here

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