Visa and Tim Hortons costest wants you to party with the Stanley Cup

Sure looks like Tim Hortons and Visa are teaming up for more than just the upcoming “Double Double” Visa card. This ad has started to appear in various Timmies locations and seems to be a beautiful contest that could send you to the Cup.

What is being dubbed as the “Pay Faster To Win” is an effort to get Timmies customers to opt out of paying with cash or debit and hook them onto the “Tap and Go” Visa payWave system.

Up for grabs is a chance to score 6 tickets to the Stanley Cup final plus a wicked experience of a “skating party with the Stanley Cup.” The fine print notes that the contest closes on April 20th, 2014 and has a total value of $20,000. If you’re not so fortunate to win the cup, then Visa and Timmies are giving away a slew of $100 TimCards and Visa Prepaid cards.

This is almost better than Roll Up The Rim. Almost, not quite. Roll Up The Rim still rules.

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