Strawberry Cheese Strudel finds a home on the Tim Hortons menu, here are a few glorious images

If you fancy a light and airy morning treat then Timmies has your answer. The company has just unveiled its Crispy Chicken Sandwich — kidding — the Strawberry Cheese Strudel is something you might want to partake in. The serving size is 50 grams and has 3 grams of fat baked in, but will go well with your morning coffee or Steeped Tea.

As for the taste, it’s ok. The pasty is perfect and is the sugar they put on top. The star of this food item is clearly the strawberry and the cheese. I found the strawberry to be suffice but the hint of ‘cheese’ that I received was a bit on the dry side. Thankfully the plethora of strawberry made up for this. It’s worth it to purchase this and give it a good munch. I downed the Strudel within a couple bites. Highly recommended.

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I'm obsessed with Tim Hortons. It runs through my veins and I've probably spent enough money downing Steeped Tea's that I could have purchased my own franchise.