18 of 50 cars have been claimed in Roll Up The Rim

The gap is nearing of when Roll Up The Rim is over, however there are still many prizes up fro grabs. Of course, the big prizes are the cars and prepaid Visa cards. Tim Hortons have updated their map that shows the high-value winnings in this years Roll Up The Rim to Win extravaganza. At the last checkpoint, Timmies execs noted 11 Corolla’s were won, but now a total of 18 have been claimed.

The map shows eleven Corolla’s have been claimed in Canada, one in the United States. Ten standard Corollas and one from the bonus 50th anniversary rim tab:

1. LETHBRIDGE, Alberta
2. MILLET, Alberta
3. WINNIPEG, Manitoba
4. CALEDON, Ontario
5. MIDLAND, Ontario
6. DUNROBIN , Ontario
7. VAUGHAN, Ontario
8. TWEED, Ontario
10. SAINT-QUENTIN, New Brunswick
11. SOUTH MAITLAND, Nova Scotia
12. MARYSTOWN, Newfoundland & Labrador

1. NEW GLASGOW , Nova Scotia (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
2. KAHNAWAKE , Quebec (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
3. SCARBOROUGH, Ontario (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
4. WHITBY , Ontario (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
5. CALMAR , Alberta (50th Anniversary bonus tab)

In addition, 20 $5,000 prepaid Visa Cards have been claimed, plus 2,706 $100 Tim Cards have found a home.

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