Tim Hortons to potentially bring back the Eclair, Sugartwist donut, Buttertart and Breadbowl

Tim Hortons is having its big 50th anniversary this year — official date is on May 17th — and they’ve already shown a few examples of how the celebrations will unfold. The ‘bonus’ Roll Up The Rim offered two chances to play again (or win a few big prizes). Occasionally, Timmies puts a picture on the Twitter that shows how they looked a few decades ago.

The latest is what they are calling the Tim Hortons “Bring It Back.” The goal is for people to vote to bring back a donut that Tim Hortons removed from their menu. Tim Hortons notes that “Our menu has evolved over the years. Items have come and gone. Now, to celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’re reviving one long-lost fan favourite for a limited time.”

There will be “5 classic contenders in the running” and one from each decade — 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000’s. Voting begins May 1st and the initial choice Timmies is considering bringing back is the Chocolate Eclair. I remember this beauty and hopefully they’ll bring it back with real whip cream.

We’ve been able to narrow down some of the other potential menu items from yesteryear. Get your voting finger ready:

1960: Eclair
1970: Sugartwist
1980: Buttertart
1990: Donut (?)
2000: Breadbowl

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