50th anniversary merchandise now available at Tim Hortons, here’s the gorgeous looking travel mug

Tim Hortons is celebrating their big 50th anniversary this year. The official date is May 17th and the festivities have already been going on for a couple months. Back in January, Timmies execs said they would release 50th anniversary merchandise that includes travel mugs and reusable cold beverage cups sometime in April. Well, the time has arrived and here they are.

The “limited edition’ 50th anniversary travel mug is beautiful, but beauty comes at a higher cost. The standard red and white mug costs $7.99 (CDN), but this sexy gem is a dollar more. It’s worth it. This is such a gorgeous looking mug and would fit well into the hands of any Tim Hortons enthusiast. The mug is outfitted with the 50th anniversary logo with “Since-Depuis 1964,” and also the Tim Hortons logo. On the bottom brings a bit more class and exclusivity to the mix with it being stamped with “Limited Edition.” Unfortunately, there is no word on the number of mugs being made so you have no idea what ‘limited’ really means.

There are a couple more hot beverage travel mugs in a different sizes. In addition, the “reusable cold beverage cups” has a fresh design to it and comes with a straw. These are all now available in stores.

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