Here are pictures of the 5 discontinued menu items for #TimsBringItBack initiative

Tim Hortons is ensuring its 50th anniversary celebrations will continue for as long as possible, well until May 17th for sure. The latest marketing move is a campaign that aims to bring back a selection of 5 discontinued menu items from various decades.

We previously revealed that the “5 classic contenders in the running” are the following:

1960: Eclair
1970: Sugartwist
1980: Buttertart
1990: Chocolate Donut
2000: Breadbowl

We’ve done some digging around and have lovely images that will appear on its dedicated site. This might help you out with your decision. The voting will start on May 1st.

Update: Here is a snazzy picture that Tim Hortons created that shows all the potential classics. One of these will see a second life and voting starts May 1st.


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