Some Tim Hortons locations already running out of medium Roll Up The Rim cups

The horror! The horror! Say it ain’t so! Tim Hortons festive Roll Up The Rim contest officially started on February 17th and the rules say that “Contest cups are available at each participating restaurant through April 25, 2014 or while supplies last, whichever occurs first.” Looks like the”whichever occurs first” is happening now.

The total number of cups being produced are 282,694,360 in the sizes small (10 oz), medium (15 oz), large (20 oz), or extra large (24 oz). There are no details of how many Roll Up The Rim cups are made per size, but we’ve received reports that a number of restaurants have ran out of the medium size — which is completely sad and unsetting. Tims enthusiasts who now want to participate in the good times will be forced to purchase a small or the massive large or mongo extra-large.

The grand prize value is $57,102,519 (CDN) or $59,360,883 (USD) and there has already been millions of baked good and hot beverages, plus 27 cars and 38 $5000 prepaid Visa cars claimed.

The end is near.

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