This is the history of Timbits Hockey

Timbit Hockey has impacted millions of lives and has brought joy to thousands of children’s faces. Timmies has uploaded a video that gives a great history of the initiative.

The program was stated in 1982 by New Brunswick-based Tim Hortons franchise owner Gary O’Neill when he gave a set of jerseys to a local team in Riverview. Timbits Hockey is for children aged 4 to 8 and basically assists associations to purchase uniforms and sporting equipment that help offset costs for the people enrolling them in activity.

According to Tim Hortons, Timbits Hockey now supports almost 89,000 children have worn the Timbits Hockey jersey. The most famous Timbit Hockey participant is Sidney Crosby who was a Timbit player in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, in 1993.

Timmies has also extended the program to Timbits Minor Soccer (212,000 children are supported), and over 36,000 children are supported in other Timbits Sports such as baseball, basketball, lacrosse, football, curling and more.

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