Tim Hortons testing the Chorizo Handheld Pie and Meatball Panini in the United States

Tim Hortons exec team, led by CEO Marc Caira, recently declared their 5-year plan was dubbed as “Winning in the New Era.”

Timmies is expecting to launch new menu items and flavours that include balanced menu options in health, wellness and nutrition that will entice people to combo items together and grow the average cheque. We’ve already seen a number of new donuts arrive in Canada, such as the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, plus a few new beverage items. Yesterday, the Extreme Italian Sandwich was launched in the United States and it seems a few more lunch items are being tested.

In a press release, Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop said they are “exclusively testing tasty lunch products in other markets, including a chorizo Handheld Pie in Columbus, Ohio, a Crispy Chicken Sandwich in Buffalo and a Meatball Panini in Detroit.”

Yes. Chorizo Handheld Pie and Meatball Panini. The Tim Hortons is gunning to take on Subway for the lunchtime. The handheld pie is somewhat new for lunch, but the Oakville-based company previously tested a Spinach and Egg white handheld pie for breakfast in Ohio earlier this year.


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