42 cars have now been claimed in Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim

Most of the Roll Up the Rim cups have been handed out this year. Many people were met with the “Please Play Again,” but others scored some of the more valuable prizes. The biggie was the 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport as there was a total of 50 of these beauties up for grabs. Tim Hortons has updated their winnings map and now show a 42 cars have been claimed. Here’s a complete list of winners by location — inclusive of the regular and bonus roll:

1. LETHBRIDGE, Alberta
2. LETHBRIDGE, Alberta
3. MILLET, Alberta
4. WINNIPEG, Manitoba
5. CALEDON, Ontario
6. MIDLAND, Ontario
7. FORT ERIE, Ontario
8. ST DAVIDS, Ontario
9. DUNROBIN, Ontario
10. VAUGHAN, Ontario
11. SCARBOROUGH, Ontario
12. TWEED, Ontario
13. OWEN SOUND, Ontario
14. MISSISSAUGA, Ontario
16. L’ISLE-VERTE, Quebec
17. LAPECHE, Quebec
18. SAINT-QUENTIN, New Brunswick
19. SOUTH MAITLAND, Nova Scotia
20. YARMOUTH, Nova Scotia
21. LOWER SACKVILLE, Nova Scotia
22. MARYSTOWN, Newfoundland & Labrador
24. LA RONGE, Saskatchewan
25. VAL CARON, Ontario
26. BRACEBRIDGE, Ontario
27. LONDON, Ontario
28. MARKHAM, Ontario
29. TORONTO, Ontario
30. BAINS CORNER, New Brunswick
31. CANNINGTON, Ontario

1. NEW GLASGOW, Nova Scotia (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
2. KAHNAWAKE, Quebec (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
3. SCARBOROUGH, Ontario (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
4. WHITBY, Ontario (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
5. CALMAR, Alberta (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
6. SURREY, British Columbia (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
7. KITCHENER, Ontario (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
8. KARS, Ontario (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
9. SANBORN, New York (50th Anniversary bonus tab)
10. BOLTON, Ontario (50th Anniversary bonus tab)

In addition, 70 $5,000 prepaid Visa cards have been won, plus 11,090 $100 TimCards have been won.

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