The Competition: McDonald’s Mediterranean Veggie Signature McWrap wins ‘Prepared Lunch Foods’ product of the year

Boo! It’s rigged for sure.

39 new Canadian products were awarded the ‘Product of the Year’ yesterday and McDonald’s was given the award for best ‘Prepared Lunch Foods’ with the Mediterranean Veggie Signature McWrap. I say the Tim Hortons Wrap Snackers are way better, but there isn’t veggie option available (they only have a Chicken Ranch and Chicken Salad).

The award was “singled out for their innovation” and at a price tag of $3.49 offers up a whole wheat tortilla with humus, veggies, feta and unknown sauce.

“According to our research, innovation is an important factor for Canadians in choosing products,” said Jennifer Litterick, Group Publisher, Marketing and Retail Group, Rogers Media. “This year’s winners are not only innovative, they are convenient and easy to use. Consumers are faced with so many choices when they shop, and the Product of the Year seal helps them make decisions and leads them to quality products they can trust.”

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