Tim Hortons announces new LED lighting program, says ‘will improve restaurant light quality and atmosphere’

Earth Day is coming up and there is no better way to hop on the eco-train than to announce a new environmentally friendly initiative. Tim Hortons has declared that they’ll be rolling out a new LED lighting program this year that will “save energy and operating costs but will improve restaurant light quality and atmosphere.”

The program will be implemented at over 4,400 restaurants across North America and will officially begin March 2014, but will be “system-wide by 2024.” Tim Hortons will be parting with Philips and all existing fluorescent and halogen lights at Timmies locations will be replaced with energy-efficient Philips LED fixtures. Apparently going this route will “use up to 40% less energy than fluorescent bulbs while providing soft, balanced direct and reflected light for a minimum of 50,000 hours.”

Tim Hortons noted in their press release that by the end of 2014, 485 Tim Hortons restaurants will take part in the conversion program and will provide a projected annual savings of approximately 6,366,780 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity1, which is equal to:

– the total annual energy consumed by 400 single-family homes
– the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 924 passenger vehicles, or
– the annual CO2 emissions from burning 4,713,674 pounds of coal.

John Macey, Manager, Sustainable Design, at Tim Hortons stated that “we are always looking to new technologies and designs to improve energy efficiencies in our restaurants and reduce our overall environmental footprint. Switching to LED lighting is an easy way to save energy while improving the light quality and atmosphere in our restaurants to ensure the best possible guest experience.”

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