Warm Kettle-Cooked Chips now available at Tim Hortons, here are some golden pictures

Warm Kettle Chips are what you expect them to be. Warm potato chips.

The Warm Kettle Chips look and taste like the chips you’ve munched on in the past, just now available warm from the best place on Earth. Curious how each individual chip is delicately warmed up? Well, you know the oven that keeps your egg or bacon warm in the morning? It’s the same heater. The Tim Hortons employee takes them out of the warming oven and puts them into a bag for you — perfect to add to your lunch sandwich. Tim Hortons notes on the bag that the are “Made from real potatoes, sliced, kettle-cooked and sprinkled with sea salt.

These beauties are now available at Tim Hortons and come in either small or large, priced $0.99 and $1.89 respectively. Here are a few golden pictures for you to gawk at.

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