The Competition: Ronald McDonald to sport a new wardrobe

If McDonalds is your bag then you’ll be thrilled to know that the famous Ronald McDonald character is getting a complete makeover. It’s long overdue but won’t help sales — Tim Hortons is better for your morning beverage and baked good.

Ronald McDonald has been around since 1963 and has seen a few transitions over the years. This time around, McDonald’s execs say “Ronald McDonald, who represents the magic and happiness of the McDonald’s brand, is setting out on a global mission to rally the public through inspiring events.”

Ronald will have a new wardrobe that includes yellow cargo pants and a vest, red-and-white striped rugby shirt and the massive pair of big red shoes will remain the same. In addition, a new red blazer with the Golden Arches on the front pocket and a special bowtie” are reserved for “special occasions.”

“Ronald brings to life the fun of our brand by connecting with customers around the world, whether he’s promoting literacy or spreading cheer at a Ronald McDonald House,” said Dean Barrett, Senior Vice President, Global Relationship Officer. “Customers today want to engage with brands in different ways and Ronald will continue to evolve to be modern and relevant.”

The best part of this — and most awkward — is that Ronald McDonald is ready for action, specifically declaring “Selfies… here I come!”

At the very least they could have updated his hair to something like the Justin Bieber side flip/part. Now that would get the attention he deserves. Tim Hortons for the win.

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