Review: Tim Hortons 2014 NHL Stanley Cup donut is about the size of a puck, but tastes way better

Hockey is Canada’s sport and Tim Hortons is Canada’s fuel. The two have come together and created a delicious treat.

The Stanley Cup donut is much like all the other branded donuts on the Timmies menu — Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, 100th Grey Cup anniversary, Tim Hortons Brier, Toronto FC — but this oozes heritage and pride. The NHL 2014 Stanley Cup donut is a mouthful to say and is a yeast filled donut, much like the Boston Creme, and comes with a picture of the Stanley Cup on top.

Let’s talk about the appearance. This year the NHL went with a black, grey and white theme for the 2014 Stanley Cup series. Tim Hortons mimicked these colour onto their sponsored donut and in-store promos. They were probably given some advertising in return as I’ve seen their banners for the Crispy Chicken Sandwich on the official website.

The donut itself is either circular or oval shaped and comes with white fondant with chocolate and white sprinkles gently scattered around the edges. Inside the Stanley Cup donut is a surprise blast of Venetian Cream — bakers are required to inject 0.75 oz. — and once you bite into this heaven on ice it gently pours out. The combination of the yeast donut, scattered sprinkles, fondant, and just the right amount of cream make this a winner. None of them are overpowering and all compliment each other very nicely.

Smack dab in the middle, call it centre ice of the donut, is the 2014 Stanley Cup logo. If you’re hesitant to eat this, no worries, it’s edible and made of sugar. Missing from the Tim Hortons website is the nutritional guide, however this is not for the health conscious. If you want to go the healthy route then opt for a bran muffin. The Stanley Cup donut would be a great addition to those who love hockey, but more specifically for those loyal Canadians who have a playoff beard in the works.

The 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs donut is only available in Canada and costs $1.19, which is about 20 cents more than a regular donut. For good measure, I’ve taken a number of pictures of this limited time donut in the gallery below, including some images comparing its size to a regulation NHL hockey puck. Eat the donut, not the puck.

NHL branding comes at a higher price The 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs donut looks impressive and filled with love. Inside you'll experience Venetian Cream and outside is presented with white and chocolate sprinkles. If you're into hockey at any level it's a must eat. If you're not into the sport then just stare at its beauty. Surely we'll see this back on the menu in 2015.

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