Tim Hortons raises its prices: A Timbit now costs $0.25 and a donut is a $1

Prices increase every now and then and Tim Hortons has quietly upped the cost of some of their baked goods, mostly by $0.05 each. Not the biggest deal as 5 cents won’t stop anyone from curbing their daily addiction.

The list of the new pricing went live late last week and varies depending on the region. Here in Toronto, a Timbit now costs a quarter and considering there is no more penny in Canada a donut jumps to a buck. Coffee prices and hot beverages stay the same.

  • Donut $0.99: (was $0.95)
  • Muffin $1.29: (was $1.15)
  • Cookie $0.99: (was $0.95)
  • Cinnamon Roll: $1.35 (was $1.25 – this is not the Ultimate Cinnamon Bun, which is $2.99)
  • Tea Biscuit: $0.99 (was $0.95)
  • Timbits: $0.25 (was $0.20)
  • 10 pack Timbits: $2.09 (was $1.99)
  • 50 pack Timbits: $8.49 (was $6.79 for the 40-pack)
  • Croissants: $1.60 (was $1.50)
  • Danish: $1.60 (was $1.50)

Update: “These new prices still reflect our competitive pricing within the marketplace and our commitment to value. We remain dedicated to bringing you the best products at the best value. Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.” – Olga Petrycki, Senior Manager, Public Affairs, Tim Hortons

Below is the old and new items that are being displayed at some local Tim Hortons:

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.44.24 AM


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