Tim Hortons baked good pricing versus McDonald’s, Second Cup, Coffee Time and Starbucks

Yesterday Tim Hortons sent us a statement regarding their recent baked good price increase. The Oakville-based company said “These new prices still reflect our competitive pricing within the marketplace and our commitment to value. We remain dedicated to bringing you the best products at the best value. Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.”

Well said. I’m loyal to the Timmies brand and was curious as to how competitive their new pricing is and ventured into my local Coffee Time, Starbucks, Second Cup and McDonald’s. While the money is always better in our pockets rather than theirs, truth be told, the pricing is actually competitive.

Tim Hortons mainly increased pricing by $0.05 and saw a donut jump to $0.99 (was $0.95), a muffin to $1.29 (was $1.15) and a cookie to $0.99. (was $0.95) – the complete list of price changes are here. Below is a list of its competitors baked goods — some are inline and others, namely Starbucks is completely priced high.


– Baked muffin: $1.29
– Small coffee with a cookie: $1.59


Second Cup:

– Danish: $2.25
– Croissant: $2.40
– Scone: $2.05
– Muffin: $1.90

Coffee Time:

– “Coffee bit” : $0.20
– Donut: $0.99
– Muffin: $1.20
– Gourmet Cookie: $0.89
– Croissant: $1.45
– Danish: $1.55



– Muffin: $2.00
– Scone: $2.00
– Apple Fritter: $1.95
– Cookie: $2.00

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