‘Tess Timmons’ is the ‘disorganized, but charming lifestyle expert’ for the new TimsFroHoCho

Tim Hortons launched their new TimsFroHoCho (Frozen Hot Chocolate) yesterday to those in the United States. This is around until the end of the summer so you have plenty of time to grab one, or two. Timmies execs stated that they will start promoting this cold beverage in a unique manner with “a disorganized, but charming lifestyle expert named Tess Timmons.”

Simmons apparently “lives in a literal world and is often confused about oxymorons, much like the term frozen hot chocolate.” Amen! We’ve pasted the first of many Tess Timmons rants and insights below, each one of them offers up the wise words of grabbing hold of the TimsFroHoCho.

My favourite and most shocking is “The kids didn’t puke on you today, go get yourself a Frozen Hot Chocolate, girl!”

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