This is the new Cinnamon Bun Latte from Tim Hortons

The “Tims Ultimate Cinnamon Bun” was recently unveiled and it’s a whopper of a product. Meaning it’s something that Tim Hortons created and is an experience to behold. When one orders this beast you’re met with a hot and delicious baked good that takes you into a different Tim Hortons realm.

Following up on this baked good is another hot addition to the Timmies beverage menu: the Cinnamon Bun Latte. These items are both something that I would have thought would fit on a Fall promotion, but considering the wonky weather we’re having here in Canada it’s completely fitting.

Even without tasting this blended latte you’re immediately welcomed with an enticing concoction of spices. The colours are light brown and topped with a delicate cloud of frothy milk. So how does it taste? The Cinnamon Bun Latte is about as sweet as a beverage you’d want. Your taste buds are immediately met with a blast of coffee, then a subtle jab of cinnamon spices, followed by you running back to the counter to order another. The sugar content is nothing to shy away from. A small, which is 286ml, comes in at an astonishing 34 grams. In addition, the total fat content for this cup of goodness is 5 grams… so you’ll need to do some extra walking after your mid-afternoon break to burn this off.

A small costs $2.85 and is a good place to begin. Recommended.

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