Tim Hortons new Frozen Green Tea is ‘the perfect companion’

Tim Hortons started selling the Frozen Green Tea last week and today the company declared it to be “the perfect companion to beat the summer heat.” Forget the pool or cranking up your air conditioning… it’s the Timmies Frozen Green Tea.

This is now available and costs $1.49 and it is really good. It’s actually the perfect consistency of a ‘frozen’ beverage. It’s not as thick as a smoothie and the taste of this gem brings a hint of green tea to the mix. Timmies makes this in the same machine as the other frozen beverages and lattes, but adds in a few squirts of Green Tea syrup.

In the press release, Tim Hortons VP of beverages Dave McKay said “Our guests love our frozen beverages, and we know they continue to seek out refreshing new flavours. We also know they love green tea, so now we’re offering our first frozen tea beverage in Canada. With the new Frozen Green Tea, our guests can enjoy a unique twist on a taste they know and love, making it a refreshing drink to enjoy all season long.”

I scored a few pictures of my companion. This is a solid addition to their menu and will be a great spring/summer drink, plus I’ve included the complete nutritional details of each size.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 6.11.24 PM

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