Update: Reports suggest Rob Ford is enjoying rehab at Tim Hortons

We though Rob Ford’s 15-minutes were up a long time ago, but the crack-infused mayor of Toronto was reportedly spotted enjoying Canada’s favourite beverage.

Ford took himself into rehab last week for his substance abuse and was apparently heading towards Chicago, however the latest report is that he was turned away at the border and is somewhere in Ontario.

According to the CBC, “some claimed to have actually seen him in town on Tuesday. Two Tim Hortons employees and a local teenager told CBC News they saw Ford at a Tim Hortons in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto’s west end.”

Perhaps he is in town seeking help to make himself a better man, or maybe Ford’s true addiction is not crack cocaine, but like many of us is Timmies.

Update: While this was a fun game, The Star now confirms that the Junction Tim Hortons was visited by Rob Ford’s brother and Councillor Doug Ford. The two do resemble each other. Michelle Robichaud, manager of public relations for Timmies, stated that they have extensively reviewed video from security cameras and said Doug was at the location. No indication on what he ordered.

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