Crispy Chicken Sandwich takes the belt and becomes Tim Hortons #1 best-selling sandwich

Tim Hortons unveiled their a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich a couple months back — read our review here. Timmies has various Sandwiches, Grilled Panini and Wraps, but this crispy poultry addition was a bold and dramatic shift away from the norm and took direct aim at its competitors for the desired lunch business.

Apparently the Crispy Chicken Sandwich is doing very well. CEO Marc Caira said that it’s become “our #1 best-selling sandwich.”

We need to continue to offer our consumers unique differentiated products. In that, I’m very pleased. And in fact, if you look at our Crispy Chicken Sandwich which, by the way, it’s also very differentiated because it’s the lowest calorie of our competitors. It’s the lowest fat level of our competitors. It’s got a proprietary seasoning. We are neck and neck with our competitor for #1 at lunch. But in fact, during that quarter, first quarter period, on the strength of our Chicken Sandwich, which is now our #1 best-selling sandwich, we became #1 at lunch. So there is an example, I think, of what these types of innovations can do to drive your business.”

Boom. The people have spoken.

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