Tim Hortons plans to ‘build loyalty’ by ‘developing products specifically for the American consumers’

Tim Hortons is continuing its mission on making the United States a viable market for them. A couple months back when Marc Caira, Tim Hortons CEO, declared the 5-year vision he noted that they have a “Must-Win Battle” mindset and they “are committed to the U.S.”

Yesterday, during the Q1 investor conference call, Caira unveiled a solution that might help them increase market share in the land of opportunity, specifically stating that they plan to “build loyalty” by “developing products specifically for the American consumers.” No word on what those new products are — hopefully not the bacon wrapped Timbits — but Caira also said they will “go beyond lunch, into snacking.” Probably something like the Warm Cooked Kettle Chips.

Here’s word for word what the leader said:

“Yes, you rightly pointed out that we have 2 priorities in the U.S., very clear priorities. One is to increase the AUVs in our core priority markets. That’s where we’ve already invested. And that’s where we have a very significant breakfast day-part business. We also learned that we had good awareness in the U.S., and we have also good convenience in the U.S. So the challenge there is to build loyalty beyond the breakfast day-part. And how we plan on doing that is by developing products specifically for the American consumers. And this is something that’s a little different because in the past we may have tried to perhaps use Canadian products a bit too often. So these will be products developed for American consumers. These will be products that perhaps could go beyond lunch, into snacking, into the lunch-plus area.”

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