Tim Hortons ‘Coaches Open House’ with the Toronto FC is May 25th, participants will be given a free Tim Card

This is kinda cool for those interested in soccer, specifically the Toronto FC. Timmies has been supporting kids soccer for years by sponsoring various leagues with its Timbits initiative, but for those a bit more serious can register for the “2014 Tim Hortons Coaches Open House.”

This is happening on May 25th at BMO Field in Toronto and it promises all participants will walk away with better soccer skills. The best part is that it’s free to attend and you’ll get fed a boatload of Timmies, a “Light breakfast courtesy of Tim Hortons” and “Tim Hortons Tim Card.” No word on how much the Tim Card is for, certainly more than $0 and probably $5 or $10, but free Timmies is always a good move.

Source: Toronto FC

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