Tim Hortons Double Double Visa card ‘is now scheduled for early June’

Well, there is a slight delay on this. During the Q1 conference call, CEO Marc Caira said, “We also spoke last quarter about our co-branded credit card and Tim Card that we are launching with CIBC, known as a Double-Double Card. This innovative product is set to debut this summer. It represents Tim Hortons’ first significant loyalty initiative.”

We reached out to Tim Hortons for a bit more clarification and its PR team noted that “Initially, the Double Double credit card was scheduled to launch in late May. It is now scheduled for early June. There is no significant reason for this slight difference in timing.”

The company also reported it “incurred $3.1 million of expenses related to the launch of our co-branded credit card, the Double-Double Card.”

So there you have it. The good news is that it’s coming. Unfortunately, everyday we visit Timmies means less reward points.

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