The Competition: Swiss Chalet now serving ‘Stuffed Cinnamon Donuts’ as a dessert item

Tim Hortons dominates breakfast and is fiercely going after the lunch period by adding a number of new menu items and combos. Most recently, Timmies unleashed the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which apparently became its number one selling sandwich, and also unveiled Warm Cooked Kettle Chips.

Poultry competitor Swiss Chalet is known to own the Canadian chicken coup. Now that Tim Hortons has ruffled a few feathers it seems that Swiss Chalet is firing back by deciding to add a similar menu item to their dessert offering. For the ripe price of $5.99, those Chalet patrons who are interested will receive “Six warm mini donuts stuffed with a buttered cinnamon sugar filing, tossed in icing sugar and served with a caramel sauce for dipping.” Actually sounds pretty good, but priced high at a buck a pop.


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