Official rules say you have until Sunday to claim your winning Roll Up The Rim tabs

Tim Hortons ran out of Roll Up The Rim cups a while ago. This year saw the total prize value hit $57,102,519 and a total of 47 million prizes, mostly a free coffee/tea or baked good items, but also highlighted a whopping 50 cars. The chances of winning something was 1 and 6.

The contest started on February 17th and taking a look at the official terms and conditions shows that the end date to actually hand over your winning tab is coming to an end: “To claim your prize, refer to instructions which follow, but to be eligible, all prize claims must be received by May 18, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. EDT or store closing, whichever is earlier (the “Contest Closing Date”).”

This means the random tabs you have hanging around in your car have to be submitted or they will expire this coming Sunday. We reached out to Tim Hortons and they stated that they encourage Timmies locations to give a leeway of about a week, but a month is out of the question.

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