The Chocolate Eclair is coming back to Tim Hortons!

5 discontinued Tim Hortons menu items battled it out for 2-weeks to potentially reclaim a spot on the shelf. The “Bring It Back” is now over there was over 200,000 votes casted and today it has been announced that the Chocolate Eclair was a fan favourite! This 1960’s beauty owned 40% of the total votes and will be coming back to the restaurants across Canada.

Here’s the percentage breakdown of each item:

  • Chocolate Eclair (1960): 40%
  • Sugar Twist (1970): 15%
  • Chocolate Sour Cream Glazed Donut (1980): 8%
  • Pecan Butter Tart (1990): 12%
  • Bread Bowl (2000): 26%

Tim Hortons previously declared that the winning discontinued menu item, which is the Eclair, “will make its comeback in-restaurant later this year.”

The Chocolate Eclair is a yeast donut that is dipped in chocolate fondant, then cut in half and filled with a “whipped topping.”


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I'm obsessed with Tim Hortons.It runs through my veins and I've probably spent enough money downing Steeped Tea's that I could have purchased my own franchise.

  • colleen

    It wasn’t whipped topping inside it was like an icing of some sort….if you bring this back with changes ..its not gonna work!!!!!….

  • I want dutchie timbits back!

  • George Wright

    Chocolate eclairs had whipped cream, not icing. Trust me, it’s my fave doughnut.

  • Sarah

    Sooooo… when is this actually coming out?

  • Sarah

    finally tracked one down, and it was disappointing. The filling was that gross fake ‘whipped product’ that they use on the iced caps (made that mistake only once!) I don’t remember that from my childhood.

  • Dean

    It’s April 2015 and I’ve only seen the chocolate eclair sold in 1 store in the Greater Toronto Area, in limited quantities. What’s taking so long with the roll-out?

  • Mike

    Finally saw an eclair at a Timmies today! Had to try it… It’s like all the other comments. Not real whipped cream and the pastry part just seemed like it was a knock off donut batter. Very disappointing.

  • Fiona

    I haven’t found a Tims that carries these yet in Toronto. I miss them from the old days.

  • Sandro Sultana


  • west coast timmy

    I haven’t seen this at all on the West Coast. I work by a Tims and pass the counter 5 days/week. Still waiting for the eclair