The Viora Lid could save your precious Tim Hortons from spilling

Tim Hortons flat lids have been a sore spot for the millions of its customers. They leak and drip your hot beverage all over the place. This lid even caused Calgarian Bryan Hansen to send in a letter to the company complaining of its design and how easily it is for the cup of goodness spill everywhere, especially when in a cup holder. Timmies responded to this backlash noting that “we encourage any of our guests who might prefer a dome style lid to request it when they place their order.”

Tim Hortons serves 8 out of 10 coffee cups in Canada per day… think how much coffee goes it waste from bad lids. The ‘dome’ lid is a good solution, but unfortunately still spills when jostled. Enter the saviour called the “Viora Lid.” This product is made in the United States and promises that your hot beverage “drinks like a cup, unlocks flavour, and eliminates annoying splashes.”

The company states that the way Viora is designed “reduces splashes in the first place” because the opening sits on the inside of the drink over the rim. Viora claims that even if your coffee or tea does splash, it ends up back in the cup rather than on you.

Sounds amazing! Check out the video below.

Improved Spill Resistance of The Viora Lid from Viora Lid on Vimeo.

Source: Viora
Via: Gizmodo

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