Washroom on flight was out of order, Woman saves her bladder by peeing in a Tim Hortons cup

What do you do when you are stuck on a plane that has an out of commission washroom? Well, if you’re Johanna Tuglavina you’d take out your Tim Hortons cup and pee in that beauty. Apparently she was travelling from Hopedale (town located in the North of Labrador) to Nain earlier this week and the washroom on the plane, and in the airport, were out of order. This in itself is a bizarre coincidence.

According to the CBC, Tuglavina said “I said [to the pilot], ‘Gee, boy, I’m going to have to use that empty Tim Hortons cup back there because I really gotta use the washroom… I had to wake up a passenger in order to hold on to my jacket while I used the washroom on the plane where there’s other people sitting down, right, as cover to have a little bit of privacy, at least. It was a choice between peeing in my pants, or peeing in a Tim Hortons cup.”

No word on what size of cup she urinated in – hopefully the 24oz extra large cup or large.
Regardless, it’s still gross.

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