Lover, not a fighter, gets Tim Hortons to help with a high school Promposal

It’s pretty tough to top a wedding proposal at a Tim Horton, but high school sweethearts have to start somewhere.

This is the story of some dude and his girl named Haley Lipton. According to a post on Reddit, the lover wanted to do something special to ask Haley out to the big prom. This is what happened:

“My girlfriend has never had Tim Hortons before, so I wanted to get her some. I also wanted to ask her to prom, so it was a win-win if I could pull it off. So a couple weeks ago I sent Tim Hortons an email talking about my idea and asked if they could help me out. A week passed by and I was actually going to ask her to prom a different way, but I got a call from their headquarters saying they were going to help me out anyway they could. They proceeded to send me Tim Hortons hot coco mix, a timbit christmas ornament, a mug, a timbits box, and a personal note. I am amazed by how quick and kind they were to me during the past couple weeks, and just wanted to share my gratitude towards them by hopefully getting this good deed recognized. We now are two lifelong customers of Tim Hortons!”

That’s a pretty cool gesture from Timmies. Hope they make it to outdo that corny and commercialized wedding proposal. Something there just seemed too manufactured.


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