Tim Hortons comes out with the Oreo Donut and Oreo Iced Capp

Holy hell. Earth shattering news here!

Tim Hortons has become more amazing by starting to sell a spectacular donut called the “Oreo Donut.” It’s exactly what you’d imagine — an all chocolate donut filled with white vanilla cream then topped with Oreo crumbs and an extra drizzle of vanilla.

This is almost a close the “Oreo Borealis” that appeared in Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts competition last year. The Oreo Donut seems to be available for sale only in the United States for now.

In addition, for a measly $2.49 USD, the Iced Capp has also been outfitted with Oreo branding and flavouring. An Iced Capp with Oreo, whipped cream and Oreo crumbs on top just sounds mind blowing.

Update: For those interested, the Oreo Supreme Iced Capp and Oreo Donut are also coming to Canada on July 7th!

Update #2: Check out our full picture gallery of the beautifully designed Oreo Donut here.

Update #3: Our review is up, check out what we think of the Oreo Donut here.

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