Tim Hortons Chill to Win is back!

A sign that summer is upon us is when Tim Hortons Chill to Win contest comes back to life. While not as popular as the Roll Up The Rim, Chill to Win still offers up copious amounts of prizes to those who down an Iced Capp.

This time around there are a couple chances for you to win, probably in celebration of its 50th anniversary. Those who purchase a medium or large Iced Capp can peel the tab on your beverage and have a chance of scoring winning 10 grand prizes of $5,000 cash, 100 LG TVs, and 10,000 $25 Tim Cards. If you don’t win via this route you can head to the official Chill To Win site and enter your PIN play online for an opportunity to win 28 $1,000 Visa Prepaid cards.

The terms and conditions state that this is only open to Canadians and that the contest “ends once all game cups have been distributed or August 27, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET, whichever occurs first. All in-restaurant prizes must be claimed by August 31, 2014.”

The odds of winning Roll Up the Rim were 1 in 6, but Chill to Win reveals the following odds:

“At the outset, the overall approximate odds of winning: (i) a cash prize are 1 in 3,999,600; (ii) a television prize are 1 in 399,960; and; (iii) a Tim Card prize are 1 in 4,000. The odds of obtaining a winning game cup may vary by region based on game cup distribution and will change throughout the in-restaurant game period.”

Go forth and down an Iced Capp.

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