Video: This is what TimsTV looks like (Tim Hortons in-restaurant television channel)

Back in January Tim Hortons declared that a rollout of TimTv was upon us. This would be its own “in-restaurant television channel” and be “one of the largest digital programming networks in the Canadian restaurant and retail sectors.”

TimTv is in partnership with Ciniplex and will see info displayed to Timmies addicts in a “creative, informative and entertaining manner.” While I frequent Tim Hortons multiple times a day a multiple locations, the first time I actually saw the channel appear on the TV screens was earlier this week in Toronto — testing for the channel has been live in London for a number of months now.

What you’ll see is a bunch of Tim Hortons advertising, specifically for their latest promotions, charity events, plus news, weather conditions for the next 3-days, “off beat” news and arts within your community. Overall, it’s presented well and is a good distraction while you wait in line for your daily fix. Check out the video below.

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