Canadians: Oreo Donut is coming to Tim Hortons on July 7th

Greatness is upon us.

Tim Hortons is stepping up to the plate and presenting the masses with better looking and better tasting donuts. The best place on earth recently launched the Oreo Donut in the United States, but Canadians will soon be able to munch away on this beauty.

Mark July 7th off on your calendars as this is when space will be added to the Timmies menu for the Oreo Donut. It’s a masterpiece inside and out! This beast is a chocolate donut filled with white vanilla cream, topped with Oreo crumbs and an extra drizzle of vanilla for good measure.

This is more of a meal and the full nutritional details are below.

Update: For those interested, the Oreo Supreme Iced Capp is also coming to Canada on July 7th!

Update #2: Canadians, go forth! The Oreo Donut is now available across our find land!

Update #3: Our review is up, check out what we think of the Oreo Donut here.


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