Review: Tim Hortons Strawberry Glazed Timbit

It’s tough to be critical of the Timbit. It’s small, light and incredibly pleasing. This little gem was introduced back in 1976 and has been a mainstay on the Tim Hortons menu. Over the years the company has added a variety of flavours to the Timbit menu, namely the Honey Dip, Double Chocolate and most recently the Birthday Cake Timbit to celebrate its 50th year in business.

In conjunction with the Strawberry promotion, Tim Hortons unveiled the Strawberry Glazed Timbit. This, like the other strawberry-named treats, is a fresh take and brings a burst of flavour to the masses. The outside of the Strawberry Glazed Timbit looks like a cross between the honey glazed and the birthday cake Timbit. The short-lived Timbit only weighs 18 grams and the sugar glaze ripples the outside of the little morsel of heaven.

Upon biting into the Strawberry Glazed Timbit you are taken away to a fresh field of strawberries where nothing else in the world matters. A plethora of strawberries are floating around you as are rainbows and unicorns!

At first bite, the Strawberry Glazed is like a shot of sweetness to the face. The nutritional guide shows this loaded with 4 grams of sugar, so representing 22% of the Timbit, and the strawberry flavouring is heavily present. Inside you’ll see a soft centre that appears a lovely shade of pink, similar to the inside of a strawberry. One can quickly tell that the Timmies bakers spent a considerable amount of time in the testing facility making the colour was a direct match. There are also a number of dots embedded into the Strawberry Glazed Timbit that act as flavour shots of strawberry — these do not disappoint.

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The Strawberry Glazed can be eaten within a bite, two tops, and the flavour honestly lasts in your mouth for a minute afterwards. As for the health of this Timbit, well it’s packed in 50 calories, 1 gram of fat and 8 grams of carbs. Overall it’s a keeper and one that any strawberry enthusiast should put in their stomach.

It's like you're in a strawberry field Summer is a joyous time of the year and Tim Hortons hopped on board by unveiling a plethora of strawberry induced products. The Strawberry Glazed Timbit is one of them and this little gem gives you so much joy that you'll think you're in a strawberry field. It's a magical piece of dough.

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