Tim Hortons Dark Roast coffee now available in Quebec

Tim Hortons started testing its Dark Roast blend at various locations last October. During its shareholder meeting where he announced its 5-year plan, CEO Marc Caira, stated “We are very encouraged by the guest response to this [dark roast] pilot” and it “serves as motivation to look at other unique blends that consumers may be seeking.”

The pilot project originally started in London, ON and Columbus, OH, but it’s now expanded into Quebec as a province-wide testing ground. The new premium blend Dark Roast is made from 100% Arabica beans and available at all Quebec locations, plus priced the Tim Hortons Original coffee blend.

“There is no doubt that Quebecers are coffee connoisseurs, with 64% per cent who drink coffee every day. Our research shows that Quebec coffee drinkers have an affinity toward darker roasts, making Quebec the ideal market in which to extend the pilot of our Dark Roast blend,” said Roland Walton, President, Tim Hortons Canada. “We feel that this blend is really going to resonate with our guests here.”

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