2014 ‘Chill to Win’ winners to-date

Chill to Win is currently happening at Tim Hortons locations in Canada — this is not as popular as the fan favourite Roll Up the Rim to Win bonanza. The good times for those to down an Ice Capp and possibly win various prizes lasts until August 27th, or until the 39,996,000 cups have been depleted. The “Game Cups” have been distributed in either the medium (16 oz.) or large (20 oz.) within five regions across Canada. Here’s a breakdown for those interested:

Region 1: British Columbia has 3,618,000
Region 2: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon & Nunavut has 7,938,000
Region 3: Ontario has 18,187,000
Region 4: Québec has 7,373,000
Region 5: Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia has 2,880,000

There is an online winning option available, but the “In-restaurant prizes” are as follows:

– 10 $5,000 (CAD) cash prizes
– 100 47″ LG IPS Televisions (valued at $1,000 each)
– 10,000 $25 Tim Cards

Within each region the winning cups are as follows, with thousands of Tim Cards scattered around:

Region 1: 1 cash prize, 9 TV prizes
Region 2: 2 cash prizes, 20 TV prizes
Region 3: 4 cash prizes, 46 TV prizes
Region 4: 2 cash prizes, 18 TV prizes
Region 5: 1 cash prize, 7 TV prizes

The winners to-date have been slim. Effective July 1st, there has been zero $5,000 winners, 1 TV winner in Quebec, and nine $24 Tim Card winners. Still lots of time to go…

Update (July 15th): Looks like somebody lucky scored a cool $5k. According to the latest stats, Timmies now lists Doninique Faubert of Bainsville, Ontario as the first $5,000 cash winner! 12 LG TVs have been won, and what looks to be hundreds of $25 TimCards.

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