Review: Tim Hortons Chocolate Cruller

Tim Hortons’ honey crullers are among my favourite donuts in the entire world, so when a chocolate cruller presented itself to me, I had no other choice than to get it added to my order.

The chocolate cruller retains several of the great qualities that make the honey cruller a classic. The airy texture makes any cruller a special donut, but the way the chocolate cruller is flavoured gave me mixed feelings. It wasn’t until I bit into the chocolate cruller did I gain a full understanding of why I loved the honey cruller – it’s the evenly coated frosting all around the curled cruller form. Each bite contained just the right mix of sweetness married perfectly to light, flocculent pastry. Unfortunately, this balance isn’t present in the chocolate cruller.

chololate honey cruller tim hortons - 1

The relationship between the honey cruller and the chocolate cruller is similar to the one between the honey dip and chocolate dip. Where the honey donut is coated evenly all around, the chocolate only has its top half frosted. While this may work for the chocolate dip, my mouth was confused by the imbalance of the chocolate cruller. The chocolate frosting is far too heavy and thick for the fluffy dough, and the unfrosted bottom half tastes bland in comparison.

chololate honey cruller tim hortons

If you want a donut with chocolate frosting, the classic chocolate dip is the one to get because the yeast-based dough is a far better match for the chocolate. If it’s a cruller you crave, then there’s none other in my heart than my honey.

chololate honey cruller tim hortons - 2

Crul Intentions The chocolate cruller is a combination of a chocolate dip and a honey cruller, but with none of the balance and only a hint of the deliciousness.

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