Ultimate Cinnamon Bun has been removed from Tim Hortons menu

If you’ve been fearless searching for the Tim Hortons “Ultimate Cinnamon Bun” across Canada — one of its best products of the year — then you’re out of luck. This was more of an experience and experiment as the Cinnamon Bun was granted the title of being ultimate because it was heated up and served with utensils, plus came at a premium price at $2.99.

The Ultimate Cinnamon Bun launched April 14th and was actually removed from the menu back on june 9th, but restaurants were instructed to continue selling it while their supplies lasted in store. For those die hard Ultimate Cinnamon Bun enthusiasts you can create your own as Timmies is still selling the Frosted Cinnamon Bun… you’ll just need to heat it up.

To reminisce, check out our review here.

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