The Competition: McDonald’s Canada hints at brining back the McPizza

McDonald’s and Tim Hortons are battling it out to see who will reign supreme in Canada. Both fast food joints have been hitting the country hard with several new items, mainly targeted to the early morning rush the lunchtime crowd. However, a tweet by McDonald’s Canada points towards a the company bringing back an old-time failure. Yes, McD’s stated that “What would you do to have McDonald’s McPizza back?”

Of course, this does not meant it’s coming back on the menu, but it’s a strong possibility. The McDonald’s McPizza is basically a Pizza Pocket and arrived in Canada in 1992, then shelved late 1999. The replies have been classic, such as “which ones? The handmade ones or the frozen shitty McCain ones?”, and “Just do Egg McMuffins all day, please. Forget McPizza, McRib & all that.” Finally, it seems that this might be a good seller as someone is will to “Give up one of my testicles” for it.

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