Tim Hortons store of the future is ‘not your dad’s Tim Hortons’

Game changing is the essence of what Tim Hortons showed off owners and suppliers this week. At the Toronto Convention Centre is a new concept store of how one of Canada’s best brands possibly intends to keep the love brewing for years to come.

David Clanachan, COO of Tim Hortons, said, “It’s not your dad’s Tim Hortons, so to speak. Our franchise partners are all going to be here. We want them to think outside the box, along with us, to say, ‘What if. . . ’ and ‘What could we be?’” Clanachan noted at the futuristic store could be home to existing products, or products that could be taken to another level because “people’s taste’s are changing all the time.”

Some of the elevated products could be various donuts, cookies, muffins, bagels or sandwiches, like the Pucker up Raspberry Cookie, Death By Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Banana Timbits, Raspberry White Chocolate Timbits, Night at the Movies Cupcake, the Poutine Pretzel bagel, and a number of other items including omelettes, breakfast crepes, sugar-free donuts, and “filled cookies.”

Now taking thing well beyond the future could see a mixologist at your local Timmies. The company envisions someone who can mix drinks together, “based on Iced Tea or what we call mocktales, smoothies that are made to order.” Tim Hortons also showed off “Cold Brew Coffee,” “Coffee Porter” and “StrawBerry Lager” beers.

Finally, the drive-thru and lineup one day could be a thing of the past. A Tim Hortons in the future might be a sit down restaurant where guests would touch a display to see the menu, included with pricing and nutritional info, and order their beverage or meal and wait for a Timmies employee to bring it to them. That alone is kicking fast food up a notch.

Tim Hortons recently announced in its 5-year plan that they want to become “one of the industry’s most consumer-centric companies, enabling us to aggregate guest insights and connect and transact with them in new and innovative ways.”

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Source: FP, Star

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