Starbucks starts testing mobile ordering in the United States

While Tim Hortons recently launched its mobile app — which allows Timmies addicts to find locations, look up nutritional info, and even pay for your order from your device — one of its competitors in the United States is a bit ahead of the trend and aiming to speed up service.

Starbucks has started to test mobile ordering at its Seattle headquarters and will be expanding to an “undisclosed geographic test market” later this year. Mobile ordering is completed from the Starbucks app and apparently this is not hoop dreams as Starbucks’ plan is “to roll out the technology nationwide, no matter how long it takes,” reports Re/Code.

One of the concerns the massive chain has is that they do not want a guest to order a drink and when they arrive it’s cold. Starbucks Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman stated “We will do this and we will get it right… We’re trying to get things down to a science.”

Executive previously said they desire to be “one of the industry’s most consumer-centric companies, enabling us to aggregate guest insights and connect and transact with them in new and innovative ways” within 5-years. Tim Hortons also unveiled its Double Double Visa card a couple weeks ago which acts as both a loyalty card and a credit card.

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