Tim Hortons enticing Canadians to apply for the Double Double Visa with a free coffee

Tim Hortons — the Disneyland for coffee and donut lovers — recently partnered up with CIBC to launch the Double Double Visa card. This gives you a credit card and a loyalty card in one that allows you to accumulate 1% of your bill to redeem for free stuff.

Upon applying for this gem you’re automatically given a $20 Tim Card ‘welcome bonus’ when you spend $200, plus every time you make 5 Tim Card purchases and 5 CIBC Visa purchases in the same month you’ll score a free Tim Hortons baked good. Finally, for every 50 CIBC Visa purchases you’ll receive a free pack of 50 Timbits.

There is no indication of how many people have scooped up the card, but Tim Hortons is now offering up more goodness. In an email to “valued customer of Tim Hortons and registered Tim Card holder,” the company is giving away a free medium coffee to those who apply.

The email notes that “To get the rewards rolling, have a FREE Medium Coffee on us when you apply for the Double Double Visa Card! Your existing Tim Card Cash balance will then be merged to the Double Double Visa Card and you’ll only have to carry one card.”

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