Review: Tims Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, perfect for those who love fire

The Tims Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich was recently added to the menu at Tim Hortons. Originally we passed this poultry up as the Timmies chefs just satisfying a limited market with another option. This thinking was closed minded and we ventured to give is a whirl.

CEO Marc Caira previously announced that the Crispy Chicken Sandwich quickly became its “#1 best-selling sandwich” during the lunchtime rush. Not much has changed with the overall look and feel of the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, but Timmies has certainly added some heat to the piece of chicken. The major difference is the “Devil” red colour that is highly visible on the chicken. It stares at you like it has already taken you down. It’s not a mild chicken, but more like the chicken ‘cutlet’ was forgotten in the batter for a few extra minutes.

For an added bonus, Tim Hortons has doubled the Tims Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich with hot sauce. It’s hot and rings true to its name of being spicy. Be prepared to have a beverage, possibly milk, or even sour creme, to reduce the flames that come from your mouth. Heck, event the lettuce or tomato that is included will help you out.

Here are the complete ingredients of the Tims Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich:

Crispy Seasoned Chicken [Chicken, water, modified corn starch, salt, sodium phosphate, onion powder, carrageenan, dehydrated garlic, flavour, spice. In a coating of: breader (wheat flour, salt, spice, yeast, soybean oil, garlic powder, sugar, corn flour, flavour), water, modified corn starch, wheat flour, toasted wheat crumb, salt, rice flour, corn flour, wheat gluten, spice, leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), garlic powder, onion powder, xanthan gum, colour, flavour. Browned in soybean oil], Spicy seasoning [spice, maltodextrin, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar, lemon juice solids, salt, flavor, oleoresin paprika, paprika, less than 2% silicon dioxide added to prevent caking].

In addition, for those interested in the nutritional detail, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich has
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10 times hotter than a sunburnThe Tims Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich is worth the $5 you'll spend, or the $7 in a combo. It's hot and the soft bun adds something sweet to the overall experience.

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I’m obsessed with Tim Hortons.

It runs through my veins and I’ve probably spent enough money downing Steeped Tea’s that I could have purchased my own franchise.

  • How does this compare to the Spicy Chicken Burger at Wendy’s and is there a difference in the breading of the chicken for the spicy crispy chicken and the regular crispy chicken sandwich OR did they just add hot sauce plus the regular crispy chicken?

  • Ken

    Stinks. The quicker Tim’s takes this off the menu the better for everyone.

  • Canaduh

    Weak ass sandwich that charges 50C for an extra flake of letuce or tomato; Save your money and go get a real chicken sandwich. Did i mention that it’s not even a real fillet? Wendy’s etc. would be a better bet for chicken, decent coffee if no mcdonalds is around.